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In January, ESI recognized 34 employees for perfect attendance throughout 2019.  This demonstrates the commitment that so many of our employees have to the success of our business and our customers’ businesses.  We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of these and all of our employees.

A Shift (not in order of picture)

Mastewal Asfaw, Laura Van Gelder, Colleen Adler, Richard DeHoogh, Doug Engesmoe, Kent Reinertson, Brett Dessel, Jackie Ingalls, Jackie Peters, Nila Ostrander, Lois Poppenga, Chad Wolfgang, Jeremy Warborg, Nancy Studer, Rosalyn Kampen, Richard Harwig, ,Cindy Rippentrop, Shane Rettedal, Alona Peterson, Cathy Finn, Kathy Anderson, Moni Gurung, Corey Grosshuesch, Pat Miller, Jered Hight, Kristi Ritter, Brinch Bwayna, James Hardie, Doreen Butenschoen, Maru Gasha, and Linda Heng.

B Shift (not in order of picture)

Harley Manning, Maria White, Sharon Jackson, Mary Johnson, Ryan Duerksen, Gordon Lam, Isterlin Omar, Merita Dragusha, Darcy Heaton, Donna Reinertson, Amalia Kuns, and Jonathan Nadenicek