NPI (New Product Introduction)

New Product Introduction
We provide early manufacturing involvement to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solutions at the initial engineering prototype build. While working closely with our customers’ engineers on every detail of the new product release, we provide design for manufacturing, test and procurement feedback. These NPI processes are all documented and controlled within our ISO 9001 system to ensure consistent results.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing
Our manufacturing engineers and production associates set up, program and maintain a highly flexible array of automated equipment to assure quick response, on-time delivery and a high quality finished product. We take pride in providing the best overall value to our customers through the elimination of waste in lean manufacturing. We are registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and work to many agency approval levels including: UL, CSA, ETL, VDE, FDA and the European CE mark.

Talk to us if your manufacturing needs require:

Prototype to Volume Board-Level Manufacturing
Subsystem and System-Level Manufacturing

Test Engineering

Test Engineering
If your company has sophisticated testing needs, we’re here to help! Working with your product development team to assure test integrity, we can manage the process all the way from test conceptualization through designing and fabricating the testing equipment.

Our testing capabilities range from basic in-circuit to fully automated functional testing and include:

Prototype Builds

We work closely with our customers to produce engineering prototypes-builds and provide early manufacturing feedback on product design. This early prototype post-build feedback will ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective product once we start production volumes.

Repair Services

Repair Services
If you’re looking for dependable field service support, come to us! We can provide warranty and out-of-warranty repair as well as refurbishment services. In addition, we can perform engineering change notices on your field returned product. Repair data is collected and analyzed for product improvement recommendations.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics & Distribution
We train our planners and buyers to not only fulfill customer requests, but to analyze account trends and proactively suggest alternate strategies to improve cost or planning flexibility. For each account we regularly analyze commodity pricing trends, component availability, supplier quality and historical consumption trends and present our findings in a quarterly review. If trends dictate a change in strategy, we notify our customer before the evolving trend becomes an issue. We also regularly perform business process analyses to ensure we are following the optimum planning and stocking processes for each customer. Our robust systems will accommodate multiple shipping destinations direct to our customer’s end-customer.


We consistently invest in new technology and equipment to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Our engineers are continuously researching better methods and technology to improve our capabilities and services. Some of our technical capabilities include: High-speed/high-flex SMT, Automated Optical Inspection, Select Solder, Wave Solder, Automated Conformal Coating, Metered Potting, and Laser Etching.

Product Design

Product Design
Through strategic partners, we can offer design support for customers needing product development or redesign support services. We draw on a range of strategic alliances to make the best match of competencies for each customer’s project, with support from our in-house manufacturing personnel on matters like design for manufacturability (DFM), testing and component selection.

Project Management

As specialists in successfully executing complex projects, we’ve helped many customers bring products to market with long lifecycles or significant configuration control requirements.

Each project is assigned to an Electronic Systems, Inc. Program Manager. As the main point of contact between the customer and our associates, the Program Manager has a 360-degree view of the project and owns it from beginning to end. We start by reviewing customer prints and specifications for quotation and production readiness, then hold in-depth discussions to determine the best methods for the project at hand. Throughout the life of the project, the Program Manager and our ESI support team are continually looking for opportunities to improve the process based on internally identified issues as well as customer input.

Technical Resources

Technical Resources
We have a full staff of electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers and technicians to support our customers’ needs and provide the following technical services:

Materials Procurement / Management

At ESI, we understand that materials represent a major part of the product’s cost. That’s why we utilize a variety of processes to manage them as efficiently as possible, including:

Supplier Certification
As an ISO 9001 registered company, we follow a defined process for supplier monitoring that includes a proactive evaluation of supplier performance. Our supplier performance processes were recognized as “Best in Class” by industry experts.
Global Sourcing
We realize that in a global economy, best pricing practices dictate a multinational sourcing strategy. We maintain sourcing relationships inside and outside the United States and conduct on-site audits of key suppliers in this region to ensure product will meet quality as well as cost objectives.
Strategic Alliances
We work closely with our core supply base to ensure high-quality, low-cost material for our customers. We have negotiated agreements with numerous suppliers that offer our customers preferred benefits such as bonded inventories and enhanced return privileges.
Proactive Planning
Our goal is to have an uninterrupted supply of material at the right price and the right quality in place for every project. Programs we have implemented to ensure this include:

We also communicate our material requirements electronically to all major suppliers to ensure the right amount of material is always in the pipeline.

Best Practices
Analysis and proposed improvements to our procurement process are included in the quarterly account review we present to each customer, and we welcome customer input and suggestions at any point in the process. We have adopted lean manufacturing and material practices, and we continually work with our suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials.

We conduct regular supplier business reviews with each major supplier.